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Business Email Etiquette Crash Course – 5 Basic Rules

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Don’t let the speed and ease of sending e-mail blind you. Try & cultivate the following 5 basic email etiquettes:

1. Clear, concise, to the point & meaningful Subject-Line: Respect the recipient’s time. Don’t expect him/her to work to figure out why you’re writing. Unclear e-mails risk being ignored.

2. Summarize long discussions: Scrolling through pages of replies to understand a discussion is annoying. Instead of continuing to forward a message string, take a minute to summarize it for your reader. You could even highlight or quote the relevant passage, then include your response.

3. Resize scanned images: Resize Scanned Images & Pictures to Handy Proportions Before Inserting Them in Emails.

4. Refrain sending Large Number or Large Sized Attachments: Nobody likes to wait for a long download, and often this costs the recipient of large email attachments not only time but also money as it clogs email systems. Similarly, large number of attachments sent through email is difficult to manage and also prone to errors. Some important information might be missed. Never send large number/sized attachments without prior notice. Alternatively, use online storage solutions like Dropbox OR use the conventional system (of burning a CD & sending through snail mail) instead.

5. Think before `Reply to All’ & CC: Sometimes a CC & ‘Reply to All’ is used to “keep people in the loop.

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